Leading through Chaos

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COVID-19 forced church leaders to respond to a global crisis in the blink of an eye. In a moment with little information and much uncertainty, churches reinvented nearly every aspect of church. This moment has ignited imagination, created collaborations, launched experiments, and dreamed of new possibilities as the heroic efforts of leaders continue to lead ministry. The response to these challenges has been great, but there comes a time when responding is no sufficient. If the church is going to live into a new reality, it will need to pivot.

Pivot invites church leaders to use the disruptive moment of COVID-19 to reimagine how they think about church, ministry, and leadership. Each week three veteran church leaders wrestle with making spiritual sense of this time, name how the Christian faith is a resource for navigating this moment in history, offer ideas on how church leaders can pivot toward the emerging future, and suggest practices for engaging others in this work.

Pivot is co-sponsored by LEAD and Faith+Lead.


  • Episode 22: Themes and Personal Reflections

    April 30th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  34 mins 56 secs
  • Episode 21: Mustard Seed and Hope that Moves Mountains

    April 22nd, 2021  |  Season 2  |  33 mins 27 secs
  • Episode 20: Slow and Patient

    April 19th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  37 mins 39 secs
  • Episode 19: Setting the Table

    April 6th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  33 mins 23 secs
  • Episode 18: Why Not?: Hope and Light

    March 29th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  36 mins 41 secs
  • Episode 17: Sharing the Weight

    March 10th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  39 mins 5 secs
    christa compton, christian, christianity, church leadership, coronavirus, ministry, pandemic, pastor, pivot

    The open-ended nature of the pandemic has made some of the pivots necessary for ministry more challenging.Pastor Christa Compton joins Terri and Louise for a conversation.

  • Episode 16: Living Faith

    March 6th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  30 mins 50 secs
    christian, church leader, coronavirus, covid, elca, evangelical lutheran, leadership, lutheran, maryanne kehlenbach, mission, mission developer, mission development, pandemic, pastor

    Mission development and faith during the pandemic are the topic of today's episode. Pastor Maryanne Kehlenbach of Living Faith Church joins Terri and Louise for this conversation.

  • Episode 15: Lessons from a Military Chaplain

    February 22nd, 2021  |  Season 2  |  26 mins 59 secs
    aaron fuller, chaplain, chaplaincy, christianity, church, community, coronavirus, discipleship, discipleship practices, lead, leader, louise johnson, military chaplain, ministry, navy, navy chaplain, navy reserve, online ministry, pandemic, pastor, pivot, possibility, terri elton

    What can help us prepare for the challenging seasons we are in? Pastor Aaron Fuller, a Navy reserve chaplain and parish pastor, joins Terri and Louise for a conversation around discipleship practices.

  • Episode 14: Leading in Liminal Space

    February 15th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  27 mins 22 secs
    christianity, church, community, coronavirus, lead, leader, louise johnson, mike carlson, ministry, mission, online ministry, pandemic, pastor, pivot, possibility, st andrews lutheran church, terri elton, vision

    Tending the mission and vision of a congregation is still important during a pandemic. How do we do that? Pastor Mike Carlson, of St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, joins Louise and Terri to explore this and more in today's episode.

  • Episode 13: Embracing What's New

    February 8th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  20 mins 33 secs
    christianity, church, community, coronavirus, lead, leader, louise johnson, ministry, online ministry, pandemic, pastor, pivot, possibility, terri elton

    Welcome to season 2. Join Terri Elton from Luther Seminary and Louise Johnson from LEAD as they discuss where we find ourselves now. We continue to live in a liminal space, but even amidst the uncertainty, new possibilities and connections are happening.